What Is All Of This?


 Prof. Ric is Ric Meyers …

Novelist (Dirty Harry, The Incredible Hulk, Dungeons & Dragons, The Ninja Master, Remo Williams: The Destroyer, Books of the Undead, Dick Tracy, and more!)

RIC banner finalNon-Fiction Writer (The World of Fantasy Films, TV Detectives, Murder on the Air, The Great Science Fiction Films, For One Week Only: The World of Exploitation Films, Martial Art Movies, Films of Fury: The Kung Fu Movie Book, and more!)

Comic Book Writer (Targitt: Manstalker, The Cougar, Detective Comics, Jackie Chan: Spartan X, Dragons on Fire, and more!)

Magazine Writer (Millimeter, The Armchair Detective, Action Films, DirecTV the Guide, Inside Kung-Fu, Asian Cult Cinema, and more!)

Special Media Consultant (DreamWorks Animation, Sony Tristar, CBS, ABC, Bravo, A&E, The Discovery Channel, Columbo, Murder She Wrote, The Twilight Zone, Kung Fu Panda, and more!)

Scriptwriter (Just Before Dawn, Films of Fury: The Kung Fu Movie Movie, and more!)

DVD Contributor (Drunken Master, Once Upon a Time in China, Kung Fu Hustle, and more!)

Professor (University of Bridgeport, City College of New York, and more!)

Film Festival Host (The San Diego Comic Con Superhero Kung Fu Extravaganza, Fanime-Con, and more!)

Santa (Danbury Fair Mall, Aeropostale Times Square, more than a dozen children’s hospitals, and more!)

Kung Fu Student and Teacher

King (Medieval Times, New Jersey, that’s all!)


 Prof. Ric is sick of bad action movies in general, and specifically really sick of ineffective, uninvolving fights in bad action movies.

As a lifelong fan of fake fights in all media, he wants to do something about it in the best way he knows how: by taking them apart — with friends, frenemies, experts, casts, and crews — in a (hopefully) very entertaining way.