Action Film Autopsy #2 – Supple Mental!

Sheesh. We talked about a lot in this episode. Well, that’s what happens when you’ve been friends for forty years.

Jeff & I

But we just scratched the surface of Jeff’s accomplishments. To check out his extensive (and I do mean extensive), albeit still incomplete, bibliography.


Any name or title you didn’t recognize (or even ones you did) during the podcast is well worth looking into. Here’s a start.




Glen Randall Sr:

Glen Randall Jr.

Samurai Films






The young lady in Captain from Castile (1947) was Jean Peters.

Jean Peters


Terry Walsh was the sword master and Paul Weston was the stunt coordinator on Robin Hood Prince of Thieves (1991), but the gentleman I was referring to is Richard Ryan, the sword master of Troy (2004), Solomon Kane (2009), and is now sword mastering on the History Channel’s Vikings TV series. That’s him at the ActionFest film festival on the far right with, from the left, Larnell Stovall, Michael Jai White, and some bearded guy.




The John Wayne/William Holden film in which stuntman Fred Kennedy’s neck was broken (and they kept the shot in the film) was The Horse Soldiers (1959). Sadly, the stuntman was killed in the accident – which resulted in the director, John Ford, truncating the original script so they could finish the film as quickly as possible.

Well, that’s that for the moment. Hope you’ll be back in two weeks for the Summer 2016 Action Film post-mortem wrap-up. That one promises to be pretty autopsy-turvy!


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