Action Film Autopsy #5 – Supple Mental!


For all about Vincent’s films, teaching, concerts, CDs, and humanitarian work, go immediately to

For more about the Hong Kong region we mentioned, go to

How about that pesky word “gweilo”?

For more about Hong Kong Cinema, try (especially the “boom years” section).

For some surface details about Fish Fong, go here:

And stay there for much more about Yuen Wo-ping.

In fact, use the Hong Kong Movie Data Base for many of your HK cinema queries, like who made Tiger Cage?

And then there’s all the other movies mentioned!

And all the people, too!

You can hear us sniggering like school boys about Cynthia Rothrock and her once-boyfriend Mang Hoi. Vincent has his story, but here’s mine. While consulting on the Jackie Chan episode of The Son of the Incredibly Strange Film Show (, I had the occasion to attend the Hong Kong Film Awards (their equivalent to the Oscars), where I got to meet Chang Cheh and Liu Chia-yung, re-greet Kwan Tak Hing, Lo Lieh, and, of course, Jackie.

Liu Chia-yung

But I was also honored to sit with Cynthia, who kindly translated for me. Turns out she decided to attend so she could surprise her boyfriend. Turns out he was there with another woman. Turns out I made myself scarce after that. But thankfully not forever.

Rothrock Ric

By the by, the other choreographers listed for The Outlaw Brothers were:

Cheng Chi-ho

Fung Hak-on

Yuen Shun-yi

And, if for some reason you haven’t seen the amazing Operation Condor wind tunnel fight scene, go here.

You should have no trouble pinpointing the exact spot Vincent broke his skull (and, of course, they left the shot in)!

Well, I imagine that relatively short talk left you hungry for more. It certainly did for me! We’ll get Vincent back on the podcast as soon as possible, but until then, why not throw a coin or two at his remarkable charity work? It may be the least you could do for all the great action (and broken bones) he’s given us.


Hope to hear you’re here to hear the next podcast in two weeks — Episode 6: The Autumn Action Wrap-up. It’s sure to be a magnificent (7, luke) cage fight that will (jack) reach(er) for a true account(ant)ing! Wink-wink, nudge-nudge.

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