Action Film Autopsy #7 Supple Mental!



After you start checking out Eric’s work, you may not check out any of these other things, but I’m willing to take that risk.


Okay, once you’re done with that, here’s some more info on the other things we discussed, starting with Eric’s original inspiration (ironically, my original inspiration was the prequel, Drunken Monkey in a Tiger’s Eye, aka Drunken Master, more than a decade earlier).


Tragically dubbed, but still….

And while we’re at Jackie, let’s not forget Sammo Hung….

We mentioned Tai Seng Entertainment, but there’s precious little about its history still on the web. Thankfully, I have another episode coming up with Frank Djeng, Tai Seng’s “master of remaster,” so we’ll give you more deep intel about Tai Seng then.

Eric (as well as the documentary I wrote, Films of Fury: The Kung Fu Movie Movie) made a direct connection between silent comedy and kung fu film stars. So check out:

We also made a connection between rowdy vaudeville houses and Peking Opera performances.


Then there’s KWOON and a bunch of other formative stuff Eric alluded to….

As for Eric’s martial arts….

Now here’s more info on the team that made The Guest, the new Blair Witch, and other actioners:


While we’re at it, let’s not forget the director/writer of The Raid, Raid 2, and the up-coming (someday) Raid 3 (up there between me and his Raid  star Iko Uwais).


As for Eric’s present partner, the great Clayton J. Barber (he’s third from the left up there, between Frank Djeng and Eric — the others are Graham Elwood, Chris Mancini, and Neil Weakley, all from Comedy Film Nerds … and, of course, some bearded, bespectacled, bald boob)….

And now, the greatest blind swordsman of all time (until Blindsided comes out):
blindsided Btw, the film Eric traveled to Asia to work on is presently called Heart of a Champion, but, given how many other things bear that title, it might change. I’ll pass on any new information as soon as we get it.

And finally, there’s that pesky, divisive, Action Film Autopsy-inspiring John Wick (you can’t see me, but I’m shaking my fist). Someday, John Wick, some day…I’ll actually get to taking you apart like I’ve been promising. Maybe right after your sequel comes out in February…!


So, until next time, James Lew, Chris, Eric, Graham, and I say, always remember: use your blinkers, jackass.

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