Action Film Autopsy #10 Supple Mental!

Although still crazy, our recording “studio” for this ep was a lot better than for the last one!

Jen and Miko, just to remind you, work here:

Now, to “whet” your appetite for our next autopsy:

And now for something completely different (and much better), C.C. Smiff was the fight coordinator for Rogue One:

Liang Yang was assistant fight coordinator:

And Donnie was supposedly his own fight choreographer (see below).

Now, to get you in the mood for a running tour of Star Wars series action, start here:

Now let’s do a little comparing and contrasting:

So, got all that? So now we can move on to the man who helped make the action in the first two (yes, the FIRST two) Stars Wars movies look so good.

For me, the series started sinking with Return of the Jedi, so I’m not surprised that Peter Diamond was “demoted” to stunt arranger, and replaced as stunt coordinator by Glen Randall Jr.

The stunt coordinator of the “empty movement” action of The Phantom MenaceAttack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith was  Nick Gillard (but I’m sure he wasn’t to blame for their vacuousness — much as the actors were not to blame for their pod people performances):

The movie George Lucas asked to be screened prior to prequel production was the wild and wacky Moon Warriors:

Now  that we got through that, it’s Donnie time!

And just to show you I wasn’t kidding, here’s an interview I did with Donnie for Inside Kung Fu magazine more than a dozen years ago.

And the cover of that issue:

And, of course, his stick in Rogue One was not the same as the one in The Force Awakens.

And now for Donnie’s on-screen partner:

The Wen movie I was trying to think of was 2010’s Let the Bullets Fly.

As for Donnie’s lack of blindness in how he fought, we return to the greatest blind screen fighter of them all to show us how it’s done:

And how about that Darth Vader slaughter scene?!

Now here’s a bunch of stuff on the new frontier in reviving dead actors, as well as giving living ones a fountain of youth:

Fly in joy Peter (from the set of An Arabian Adventure at Pinewood Studios, where I first met him and had lunch with Christopher Lee)….

And, finally, a little dip of the beard to the late, great Frank Finlay (just because I think he was great)….

And, oh yeah, the top ten best action films of 2016 (in alphabetical order):

Captain America: Civil War

The Conjuring 2 (yeah, it’s an action film)


Doctor Strange

Hacksaw Ridge

Kung Fu Panda 3

Moana (definitely an action film)

Rogue One

Storks (no, really)

Zootopia (yep, loads of action happening here)

Watch ’em all. You’ll be in for a thrilling time.

Okay, now that that’s done, hope you’re here to hear more Prof. Ric fun in a fortnight. Happy New Year!







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