Action Film Autopsy #11 Supple Mental!

In case you didn’t guess, this is one of my first recordings for the podcast, so it’s much more of a conversation than an interview. Which really means that I do a lot of the talking, because that’s the kind of hairpin I am. But here’s some links to better elaborate on stuff we talked about – mostly in the order that we talked about them.


Here’s the movie where Chiba said “I want karate fighters, not karate dancers” (or, at least it was translated that way).


My favorite Urban Justice (paraphrased) dialog:

Alice Park (Carmen Merano): This is just for revenge.

Simon Ballister (Seagal): Damn straight.

A: The cycle of revenge will never end.

S: I don’t care.

A: You’re as bad as they are.

S: No. I’m a lot worse.


At about this point I hastily commented that “I’m the same way.” Which I think I meant was that my private self is different than my public self. Although, to be perfectly honest, it’s not that much different anymore. Actually, I think I’m much less an a-hole in private, but, remember, I’m the dumb guy who created the song, “I’m a Dumb Guy,” which I mostly sing to myself in private.

Except here, they, too, get the subtitling wrong. Ip’s son actually says, “Mom says if you DON’T start fighting, the house will be ruined.” English-language translators don’t seem to understand that, while it may look like Ip is already fighting, he’s actually not. He is defending up until that point.

I might add that Gordon Liu Chia Hui and Jackie Chan have also been in a lion’s share of kung fu film classics as well, but Jet is still the only true kung fu student (Gordon was an accountant and Jackie a Peking Opera performer).


You’ll find Hittori Hanzo here:

You’ll find Razor Hanzo here:


Do I have to mention The Blind Swordsman again? Yes, I do.


Not exactly how I remembered it, but…!


And now the only decent four minutes in BvS:


I misremembered. Daniel is an American, not Canadian:


And, as always, the kung fu teacher I mention is World Heavyweight Tai Chi Push Hands champion Stephen Watson:


As for Spectre:

And I agree with Daniel Franish:


Well, that’s that for now. Hope to hear you’re here hearing whatever we’ve got for you in two weeks time!












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