Action Film Autopsy #12 Supple Mental

Just to let you know, the day after this recording, Miko got a new car. Congratulations Miko. Their names, in case you’ve forgotten, are Jen Hurler and Miko Mai (who started the first “X” of xXx in the pic above, but Jen and I blew it).

Now, on to all the crap we mentioned.

The Casino Royale Parkour scene!

The lone (I think) kung fu practitioner in Dragon Ball Z is Beerus the God of Destruction’s servant, Whis.

Check out the fifth paragraph of this:

The star’s name, by the way, is Lucas Till, who plays the new MacGyver on the rebooted CBS-TV series. He’s 27, playing 16 (while Jane Levy is 28 playing 16).

The name of the organization I was trying to think of was The Environmental Protection Agency. It was fear of them that inspired the evil oil company of the film to attempt wiping out the title character’s species. I’m not saying evil oil companies haven’t wiped out species before (and will again), it’s just that they probably didn’t do it from fear of the E.P.A. It just didn’t strike me as credible movie motivation (but Jason Bourne’s bosses tried to kill him out of fear that the existence of their spy program might be revealed in the now compromised media, too, so what do I know?).

We mention this great movie that you should seek out if you don’t know it already:

If you check out the cast, you’ll see their remarkable international credits, but since I promised to link you all to Kris Wu, here you go:

Ah. Fast & Furious 8 has now usurped the original title, The Fate of the Furious.

Jen Hurler, this is for you!

And while we’re at it…!

The star of Halloween, True Lies, and many others is, of course, Jamie Lee Curtis (not Jennifer Jason Leigh).

As for the lawsuit that Disturbia “borrowed” from Hitchcock’s Rear Window (which, of course, it did), check out 4.3 of the following:

And finally, I contend that xXx: Return to Xander Cage was a self-satirizing homage to the James Bond films, having borrowed ideas, images, and lines of dialog from Thunderball, You Only Live Twice, OctopussyDie Another Day, and probably others.

They also made in-jokes about Marvel’s The Avengers twice, since they share Samuel L. Jackson, and Jackson is filmed in such a way that it looks as if he has an eye-patch, as his Avengers character Nick Fury does.

Yeah … that shot had to have been an accident, right?  ;  )
















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