Action Film Autopsy #14 Supple Mental!


Can find no evidence of different Chinese cut


You can see all the glorious costumes, the pile of bloody circles, some edited stuff, and silliness here:


Meet John Whittington!


Meet Michael Uslan!


Doesn’t do his hair thing, but still fun:



It cost only (?!) forty million dollars, and has already mademore than a hundred million, so a third film is a good bet.


The company the guys who directed John Wick and John Wick Chapter Two created is called 87Eleven:


Meanwhile, the filmmaker whose Hong Kong films heavily influenced them/it:


And a little hint as to why:


The movie hero John Wick is echoed from:ō


“Wants to die but won’t kill himself.”


And while it’s not a supercut of Jackie disarming gunmen, it’s still worth watching!


More info on the movie JWC2 reminds me of:!





Double sigh


Infinity sigh


Now THIS is how you act in a martial art fight scene when you don’t know martial arts (also how you direct and choreograph one)!


Not much on Malay Kim, but…!

“I’m not interested in how tough or badass you think you are or want to be. I’m interested in how smart and effective you are or should be.” – some bearded guy.





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