Action Film Autopsy #16 Supple Mental!

My, we do go on, don’t we?

But the way I figure it, this one was extra long  to make up for the extra short one last time!

The western I alluded to was specifically Rio Bravo, which had a similar plot to Call of Heroes:

For more details on the era the film took place in:

One of my favorite films star Sean Lau starred in:

As for Chinese movie star English names…!

Then there’s the Shaolin Poles I stumbled over, made (in)famous by this film…

And the one I mentioned…

While we’re at it, why not watch the operative scene (the poles appear at about the 2mn mark)?

Oh, why not take a look at the scene in question (with Eddie Peng and Wu Jing)?

And, if, like me, you want to help keep the genre alive:


And now, all the Superman allusions/homages:


Turns out Logan did okay at the box office (just not as good as some wanted):

Like Easter eggs?

Now, let’s give Logan the last word (line):

As for the so-called “controversy” —


In case I mispronounced his name:


And now, the “Chinese actress (sorry about the “L and R pronunciation” crap)”

Turns out Kong was motion captured:


The franchise continues!


THE fight scene Marvel/Netflix seems to love the most:


And, while we’re at it:


Turns out Outlander and Game of Thrones, as well as Vikings and Ripper Street are also filmed, in whole or in part, in Ireland.


Have a taste of the action and training:


Nick Frost’s previous performance (he was a collaborator with Simon Pegg on such cult classics as Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz — all which I blanked on during the recording):

Now, just to get the taste of this stuff out of my head, here’s some better stuff Daniel and Stephen (and his co-choreographer Ku Huen-chiu) have done:

Now, finally, we reveal the nasty thing that kept interrupting our podcast recording!

Bad car! Bad, bad car!

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