Action Film Autopsy #17: Supple Mental!

Ah the glorious Cynthia, what a great person!

When we first met, at the screening of China O’Brien!


Cynthia guest starred at several of my San Diego Comic Con Kung Fu Extravaganzas (here with Comedy Film Nerds Graham Elwood & Chris Mancini, Netflix’s Luke Cage fight coordinator James Lew, and king of YouTube kungfu Eric Jacobus)!

Here we are at Carnegie Hall. How did we get there? Practice.


Now here’s some details on the stuff we talked about:


And finally, here we are at an awards banquet shortly after the recording of the podcast (don’t worry, she got a trophy, too).


Things are a bit busy at the moment, but hope to hear you’re here to hear our next adventure in podcasting in two weeks (when things’ll even be busier)!

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