Action Film Autopsy #18 Supple Mental!

One of these nice people swears like a sailor (and infects us all with her prodigious profanity). Hmmmm…wonder who it could be.

Anyway, here’s what we talked about, when we talked about it.

Has there ever been a good live action movie based on an anime? Here’s one person’s opinion:

Here’s another:

And here’s a third (with video!):

The ninja movie(s) I was trying to remember:

The ninja TV series I actually mentioned:

One of our favorite action scenes (in a weird YouTube clip):

And you’ll just have to see it (which we recommend) to get Miko’s favorite “Community College” joke.

The puppet movie Jen and I mentioned:

And to get a taste of it:

The movie it was remade from:

The director who inspired it:

The original’s star, and the remake’s director:

The DVD:

One action director:

The other action director:

The western film star I name-checked:

A page from my up-coming wuxia-ish graphic novel, illustrated by Michael Avon Oeming:


The great non-wuxia, kung-fu film I name-checked:

And the Huang Fei-hong film Yuen Bun directed:










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