Action Film Autopsy #20 Supple Mental!

Another joyful spleen venting!

The gent I mentioned, Bill Frake, is an old cartoon art friend. Gotta get him on this podcast, eventually!

For those of you who don’t recall the slasher film that wiped out the exploitation film and changed the way studios saw, showed, and advertised horror.

And, as for its even more cold-blooded, vengeful follow-up –

Get a load of that tag-line (woulda fit perfectly for Alien Covenant too)!

Continuing the new tradition of human and hero hating cinemas…!

Now, for the movies that gave female heroes hope, then stopped them in their tracks:

I checked the releases for 1991 and 1992, but couldn’t find the other film I thought might have been part of the conspiracy (if there actually was one). But you explain how Alien 3 happened … if you can!

Meanwhile, here’s some other filler that might be helpful….

The Alien Covenant sacrificial lamb who survived Promethesus was named Elizabeth Shaw, and was played by Noomi Rapace.

And shame on you,’s Jeremy!–Fk

Think the writer and director of F8 came up with Jason Staham fighting with a baby on their own (not to mention the makers of Shoot ‘Em Up)? Guess again.

As for the semi-tragic story of Brave (2012), Wikipedia hardly touches on the real reason the original director was fired, nor reveals that the plot twist is borrowed, almost in whole, from Brother Bear (2003).

But Hollywood gave Brave an Oscar for Best Animated Film anyway, over the ultimately superior Wreck It Ralph, obviously as a consolation prize. So happy ending?









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