Action Film Autopsy #22 Supple Mental!

We love our yelling, don’t we?

For anyone who doesn’t know what happened during the production of the new Justice League movie….

The new Justice League composer is Danny Elfman, best known for the original Tim Burton/Michael Keaton Batman theme.

As for the other directors I mentioned….

Just in case you forgot Linda Carter’s glory:

I still can’t remember or find what director Patty Jenkins calls Wonder Woman’s finishing move (it was something like “ba-boom” or “whiz-bang,” or whatever), but she called it something.


I was listed as “Richard S. Meyers” in the end credits as “Background Researcher.”

And, of course:

Or, as it should have been called, The Cruise.

The CBS “thing,” as I referred to it, is CBS All Access.

Scripter David Koepp’s speaking out about the deep-sixing of his original Indiana Jones 4 script has been well and truly hushed up, but the fact that he’s writing Indiana Jones 5 comes as no surprise. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s actually just rewriting the Indy 4 script for Indy 5.

The silent comedian I was trying to think of was Harry Langdon.

And speaking of comedians I spoke of —

The actual Chinese title, 蕩寇風雲 (Dang Kou Feng Yun), roughly translates as “The Pirate Leader’s Unstable Situation.”

By the way, the production not only brought Paul Newman back from the dead to give voice to his Cars character, Doc Hudson, but they also brought Tom Magliozzi back (he died in 2014) to give voice to his Cars  character, Rusty … from beyooooond the gravvvvvve!

And no, Brian Fee did not direct a Pixar short.

How about that Tex Avery, the living cars & planes pioneer?

And here, too, are other great Pixar shorts before middling Pixar movies —

Honest Trailers!

Btw, NEVER subtitle a movie “The First” anything or “The Adventure Begins” or whatever. Never works. Actually seems to curse the thing into being a “one-flop wonder.”

Hope you’re here to hear us next time!



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