Action Film Autopsy #25 Supple Mental!

Some fun (?) huh?

Look, there’s Clayton Barber (3rd from left)!

Selina Lo was at the Extravaganza, not Celina Jade, and the Triple Threat plot pits three heroes (Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais, and Tiger Chen) against a fistful of villains. Meanwhile, Jesse Johnson was not only the protégé of Vic Armstrong, but also his nephew!

Selina to my right, Jesse beside her (partially blocked by Scott Adkins).


Had a great talk with Michael Bisping ( He had little trouble adjusting his UFC approach because he believes and appreciates team work.

Michael Bisping, some bearded guy, Gillian White, Michael Jai White, and Scott Adkins … in my hotel room!

The Expendables movie Scott Adkins fought Jason Statham in was Expendables 2.

The Spider-Man issue I referred to was #33, not #32.

Five books in a series is called a quintet or pentalogy.

And speaking of world premieres…!

Hope to see all you SDCCers next year!?
















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