Action Film Autopsy #26 Supple Mental!

Well, we made it through the marathon, but with a bunch of stuff falling by the wayside. So I went back, picked it all up, and put it right here!

Actually the Tony Jaa film I was trying to remember was The Protector, not one of the Ong Bak films.éeérian_and_Laureline–259059

I may have been misinformed about a podcast where Steven King talks about the fustercluck the movie has become, but until I track it down (or don’t, because it doesn’t exist), there’s this:

I love the way Wikipedia and imdb insist on calling the film Wolf Warriors 2 (plural), when the poster clearly reads Wolf Warrior II (singular).

By the way, the man who gave me the “Chinese Liberation Army vs Hydra” line was my ol’ buddy Henri Ng. Look ‘im up on Facebook at




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