Action Film Autopsy #31 Supple Mental!

Had some recording issues with this one that might not’ve been immediately apparent, but we’ll get to them in the order of their appearance…!

But first….

Busy guy, ain’t he?

Now onto the background stuff….


I actually confused this movie (what, who, me?!?) —

With this movie —

But both are fun, early, fantasy films. But what wasn’t so fun –

And here’s the book they may (or may not) have ripped off a bit—

Meanwhile, back at Disney –

Okay, at approximately 21:21 into the podcast I told a story about the difference between writing for a publisher and a studio. The recorder (thankfully?) cut out most of it. For what it’s worth, the story is: everything you write is your child. You bring your child into a book editor, you compromise, and the editor pays for lunch. You bring your child to a studio exec, they rip its head off, dump its guts on the floor, and say “There…isn’t that better?”

Now, onto great science fiction writers!

Then there’s—

But to leave on a positive note—

— as well as the full picture (with Neil Weakley “impersonating” Eric Jacobus)….

Finally, the recorder might have eaten my regular sign-off too. So…

USE YOUR BLINKERS, JACKASS (chew your food, Ric)!!!!