Action Film Autopsy #36 Supple Mental!

So my great film friend Gine Liu calls me and says “how would you like to visit the set of Detective Chinatown 2 (the first Chinese movie filmed in New York City) and interview Kenneth Tsang?”

Well, I had just spent three hours with two dentists punching me in the face (which also may explain why I didn’t ask Kenneth about his first two films), so I was in no condition to set-visit, but I wasn’t going to pass up an interview with the great Kenneth Tsang!

So we set up a phoner, except the device in his hotel room wouldn’t work … three times! Even so, finally, the result is one post away . Thanks Gine!,_Hidden_Dragon

A week later I finally did get to visit the set, and, although they asked me to be in the Times Square dance number, I only did a few takes before my still aching jaw got the better of me. If you look carefully at the video above and the picture below, you might be able to find my swollen face.

Look for it again when Detective Chinatown 2 premieres during Chinese New Year. Kung Hey Fat Choy!

And, as Kennth told me: use your blinkers jackass (chew your food, Ric).