Action Film Autopsy #37 Supple Mental

Sorry for the delay in posting this, but let me assure you of two things. One, it was unavoidable, and two, it was awesome fun for me, Miko, and Jen to record!

Now let’s get to it!

THE WORST (fight and/or action scenes, that is)!

Stunts: Kyle Gardiner

Fights: Chan Griffin

Stunts: Joel Kramer

Stunts: Sean Graham

Fights: Damian Halforty

Action consultant: Anthony Szeto

Stunts: Jonathan Eusebio, Paul Jennings, Larry Lam

Fights: Brian Ho, Aaron Toney, Alex Chiang

Stunts: Kerry Gregg

Fights: Nathan Barris


Stunts: Tom Struthers

Stunts: J.J. Perry, Troy Robinson

Fights: Jonathan Eusebio.

Stunts: Qin Peng-Fei

Fights: Sammo Hung, Vincent Zhao, Shoji Kurata

Stunts: Darrin Prescott

Fights: Jonathan Eusebio, Eric Brown, Justin Yu

Stunts: George Cottle

Fights: Ilram Choi

Stunts: Rob Inch

Swords: CC Smiff

Fights: Yang Liang

Wu Jing

Stunts: Tom Rigby, Damon Caro, Marcus Shakesheff

Fights: Allen Jo, Wayne Dalglish, Guillermo Grispo, Rudolph Vrba, Ryan Watson